94. A Guy Walks Into Three Violin Shops In Cremona

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94. A Guy Walks Into Three Violin Shops In Cremona

The three violin makers that shaped the violin we know today lived in Cremona in the late seventeenth to the mid eighteenth century. Amati, Stradavari and Guarneri Del Gesu may have influenced each other and their influence reaches violin makers today. David L. Fulton collected twenty eight fine Cremonese instruments and published several documentaries about fine violins. The documentaries feature prominent violinists of today playing and talking about Amati, Stradavari and Del Gesu (The nick name for Guarneri because of the cross on his label). The first, Homage (2008) won a Juno Award. The second is Violin Masters: Two Gentlemen of Cremona (2010). We hear some clips from that documentary in today’s episode. It won an 2012 Emmy in the Historical Documentary section. A third film Transcendence: A Meeting of Greats (2014) won an Emmy for Best Director. Fulton published a book documenting all his instruments The Fulton Collection- A Guided Tour (2022).

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