61. Women in Music with Nanette Solomon

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61. Women in Music with Nanette Solomon

Concert pianist Nanette Kaplan Solomon has been including women composers in her programming and presenting lecture recitals on the works of women composers for thirty years. In this episode we talk about her recordings, composers she’s met, works she commissioned and her passionate dedication to the subject which has taken her to forums all around the world. We also talk about the lives of Clara Schumann, Fanny Mendelsohn and Maria Mozart, three women who’s writing talents were kept in the shadows, getting a bit of attention in the wake of their male relatives. Clara, married to Robert, was well known for her concert performances, but Maria Mozart and Fanny Mendelssohn had less exposure, except for their connection to their siblings Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Felix Mendelssohn. Like most women before the twentieth century, their roles as wives in upper class society prevented them from performing in public or seeking to publish their compositions.

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