71. Rock n’ Roll: Who Gets the Crown?

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71. Rock n' Roll: Who Gets the Crown?

There’s Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Rock and Roll, Early Rock. How do we decide where it started, and who wrote the first Rock and Roll Song? Its like asking when did a chicken originally come out of the egg. Chuck Berry was the first to write the lyrics “Rock n’Roll” in his hit Roll Over Beethoven. We’re getting warmer. And does it really matter. When it comes to crowning the Rock n’ Roll Era, we’ve chosen Elvis. And long after Elvis leaves the building, Rock music keeps reinventing itself. Its popularity never wanes, probably because the persona of Rock musicians intrigues audiences. Maybe the genesis of Rock is right there. Today we take a look at the beginnings of Rock and some people that lived in the music business for those decades. And maybe some others on the sidelines that support the musicians- I’m talking about the Musicians’ Union in Nashville.

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