86. Chaconne

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86. Chaconne

J.S. Bach wrote a lot of monumental works and the Chaconne for violin is one of the great masterpieces in the repertoire for solo violin. Aside from the many recordings, there are countless transcriptions for piano, orchestra and chamber groups. Violinists get hooked on the Chaconne early in their pursuit of the violin, but it takes decades to master the piece. For some, like Arnold Steinhardt of the Guaneri String Quartet, it becomes an obsession. Among players who have mastered the Chaconne, they speak about having revelations while performing the piece. Those of us who don’t play the violin feel a bit of envy. Today’s episode gives a look at the Chaconne so we can get better aquainted, without the grueling hours of practice. In anticipation of Bach’s birthday (March 21-31 The Julian and Gregorian calandars inclusive!) Bach in the Subways returns after three years of suspension due to you-know-what. Will you take part? Find a pop-up performance in your city/state/country.

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